Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Not so fancy, but quite delicious. I bring you: CRACKOS!

I lived by myself in Durham for the first year of grad school. I spent my time going to Target, reading children's lit, and well, not cooking. One of my favorite things to not-cook is nachos in the microwave. You know you've tried it: tostitos on a plate with cheese on top; melt in the micro; enjoy.

One day I was needing something to go along with my stand-up-over-the-sink-dinner of spinach and goat cheese salad, and I really had a hankering for nachos. There was only one problem: no tostitos in the pantry. I did, however, have crackers.

I took one of the only chances I have ever taken in the kitchen (remember: I follow recipes and measure everything), and made something up. I sprinkled some cheese on the crackers, put them in the microwave, and voila! Crackos!

When my sister was visiting a few weekends ago we were talking about how far I've come in my culinary pursuits. After fondly reminiscing about crackos, we decided to whip up a batch.

We made them 3 nights in a row as an appetizer until the cheese ran out.

Here's what to do:

Put crackers (any kind will work; we used triscuits this time) on a plate. Cover with cheese.

I've been on this anti-orange cheese kick lately. I figure, milk isn't orange, so why should my cheese be orange? This is white cheddar.

Microwave for about 15 seconds, but watch to make sure the cheese doesn't get too bubbly.

Remove from microwave and enjoy.

I hope you like it. I made it.

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  1. I looked up why cheddar cheese was originally orange/yellow. It's because cows milk had beta- carotene in it. But different cows had different amounts making the cheese different colors. So now they put dye in the cheese to make it orange. Apparently most consumers like it that way!

    Could you come to my house and make me a spinach and goat cheese salad? Thanks.