Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new digs

Edwin and I moved last weekend, from Andrews to Murphy. While our time in Andrews was swell, we're excited to be in the big city-- the county seat!

The front door to the house opens into the great room. I've designated different areas as corners with purpose: we have the dining corner, the living corner and the kitchen corner. I'll show you pictures of our other corners and rooms once everything is ready, but the kitchen has been fixed for days. It's my favorite spot.

My cookbooks. I'll do a blog about the ones I use one of these days. Also, cat food for Atticus.

This kitchen doesn't have a pantry, but the island has deep drawers for storage.

Here's my baking drawer:

And my cooking drawer:

And my oil drawer:

And my snack drawer:

And the best? My spice drawer:

The oven, stove, and microwave. Where I make crackos, chilichilibangbang, and carrot cake (coming soon).

Here's the sink area, where Edwin does the washing and rinsing of things for the dishwasher (house rule: you cook, you don't have to clean).

I put these little knick-knacks over the sink (which has a garbage disposal-- love it!). They are our lil homies, from the quarter machines at Mexican restaurants (featured are stand-there homie, emcee homie, and dice throwing homie-- meth lab homie is somewhere in Edwin's car); an Irish wishing stone; a rock with something fancy in it my mother-in-law found on a hike around our old place; a lucky buckeye from my sister, and a conch shell from the Camino de Santiago (I'm hoping the peregrinos still find their way without one missing marker).

You can see my car out front because we park right in front of the porch. It doesn't really detract from our view, since the porch around the back is the one we'll use more often. That one overlooks woods.

And that's my kitchen. I hope you like it. I made it. (sort of)


  1. Nice kitchen! Love the island! I think we have the same soap dispenser - we just bought it for our bathroom. Target? :)

  2. Target indeed! Bought it last time we were in Asheville!

  3. I love the new kitchen! I can't wait to come and visit you in the big city!