Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Healthy's not my favorite flavor

Alternately titled: The Trouble with Lima Beans

Monday was a snow day with no snow, which is my favorite type. I asked Edwin, before I left for the gym this morning, what he wanted for dinner. "Meatloaf!" was the quick response, and I've had a recipe for meatloaf I've been meaning to try. I saved it from a Real Simple last year-- I'm pretty sure it's the same issue that had the chicken and vegetable pot pie. It was an issue featuring healthy alternatives to comfort foods, if memory serves.

So I set out to make this turkey meatloaf. Instead of making mashed potatoes, I made these crash hot potatoes, my all time favorite way to make taters at home. I planned on lima beans to round out the meal:

The meatloaf was okay. Edwin liked it and I ate it, but it tasted... healthy. Not bad, just healthy. I like my meatloaf to taste not healthy, which was my issue with this recipe.

The crash hot potatoes, which are basically just cooked til crispy red potatoes with olive oil, were delicious as always.

And then the lima beans.

Oh, lima beans. I have a complicated history with lima beans.

I love them. I always have them in my freezer. I make them often. But sometimes they fail me.

Last summer, Edwin and I were grilling out for dinner. When we grill, I prepare whatever is going on the grill and he actually cooks it. I was chatting outside with him while a pot of lima beans was simmering on the stove. I guess we got caught up in whatever we were talking about, because 30 minutes later I remembered my limas. I ran into the house and woah. The smell.

You know how on the bag of lima beans it says to simmer just until the beans are tender? Whoever wrote those directions means it.

I had let the limas go too long and they had dried up and shriveled and released an unmistakable odor: weed. Seriously. Lima beans left too long on the stove will absorb all the water and make your kitchen smell like weed. It's not a good smell.

I haven't made that mistake since.

But last night? Last night I made a new one.

I wanted to save some time. I followed the directions on the bag for microwaving the lima beans. I thought I did everything right, but when they came out, they looked like this:
Dry, shriveled, and pale.

They tasted bad. The insides were tough and the outsides were leathery. They were not good lima beans.

For the fourth time in our marriage, Edwin admitted that he couldn't eat what I had put on the plate. (Please be aware, there have been many times when I couldn't eat what I put on the plate--Edwin is much more forgiving when it comes to food)

What I'd like for you to take away from this post is the following information:

1. Turkey meatloaf is not bad, good for you, and worth it if you need to up your daily fiber intake.
2. Crash hot potatoes are fantastic.
3. Lima beans should neither be left on the stove for 40 minutes while you're drinking a glass of wine of the porch nor microwaved according to bag specifications.

I hope you like it. I made it.


  1. I made those potatoes last night and they were *awesome*. Thanks!

  2. For all you dorm room tokers out there, be sure to overboil a pot of lima beans while burning one down. When the RAs come knocking, you'll have a legitimate cover.