Wednesday, March 17, 2010

guest post!

My husband, Edwin, loves Saint Patrick's Day. Though green is definitely a good color on him, the day is really magic for him because of Irish Car Bombs.

I asked Edwin to do a guest post in honor of SPD2010. To read more from Edwin, visit his blog, The Isolated Movie-goer. He loves movies like I love food.

His unedited post is below.

Irish Car Bomb


1 11.2 oz. bottle of Guinness Draught
.5 shot Jameson Irish Whiskey
.5 shot Irish Cream


Pour Guinness into pint glass. Fill shot glass halfway with Irish Cream, then top it off to the brim with Irish whiskey. Hold shot glass inside lip of Guinness pint, say "Bombs away," drop in shot, and drink as quickly as possible. Final sips should taste like chocolate milk. Repeat as desired.

Guinness is a wonderful beverage throughout the year, but it only feels right to do Car Bombs, my absolute favorite drink, on St. Patty's Day...or until your supply of Jameson and Irish Cream run out. I've broken this rule just twice: my bachelor party (where I was peer-pressured into it before supper with the old "It's a special occasion" line) and about a year before then at K. Dobberfuhl's urging before we "ran around Franklin St. with our heads cut off" (and you don't say no to a Dobby).

My first Car Bombs were with a half pint of Guinness (and when I say "half a pint," I mean half of the 11.2 oz. bottle). I have nothing against that approach. You don't have to chug as much and the Chocolate Milk Effect is solid. But I prefer using a full pint. My reasoning goes back to March 2004 when school leprechaun A. Molenda got me to give the full bottle a go. We clinked glasses, dropped in our shots, and swigged it down. Sure, there was more to swallow, but at the end of the glass, not only did I feel more satisfied, but the Chocolate Milk Effect tasted more rich and delicious than before. I immediately championed the full pint approach and soon Aaron and I were putting on shows in T. Miller's kitchen and played hosts to the infamous A. McGlaughan plastic-shot-glass incident. (Whatever you do, make sure that your shot glass sinks.)

Though the ingredients call for a bottle of Guinness, our area doesn't recycle glass, so recently I've been sipping from poured contents of 14.9 oz. cans. I can't imagine chugging that much, but I'm not going to deny my eco pledge. Since the can slightly overflows a typical beer mug, I'll pour enough not to make a mess and use the remaining 4 oz. as a sipper chaser.

As for the Irish cream, some folks use Bailey's, but Carolan's tastes just as good and is a few bucks cheaper. Don't skimp on the Irish whiskey, though. Jameson is a must. Accept no substitutes.

If shot glasses are in short supply, I've resorted to pouring the shot contents into the beer and letting someone else use the shot glass, but I don't recommend it. The Chocolate Milk Effect isn't nearly as good and you miss out on the whole "bombs away" experience.

Follow the above directions, or a close approximation, and you, too, may have a new favorite drink.


Sarah's notes: I don't think they taste like chocolate milk, at all, and I don't do car bombs (I made it through about 1/3 of one once and that was enough for me). I do, however, like Irish cream in my coffee or on ice. FYI.

I hope you like it. He made it.

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