Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PW Pizza

I preordered The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Ree Drummond's cookbook, last fall. I use it often. I also read her blog daily. I love her.

Last month, Ree taught us how to make one of her favorite pizzas, using her favorite pizza dough. I'd been looking at her pizza dough recipe for months, which is also in her cookbook, and then in February she put it up on her blog. It was a sign.

It was time to make my own dough.

Last Monday, I followed the dough recipe (I used my actual cookbook, but you can find it here, too) to a T. I put the dough in the fridge and walked away (okay not walked away, that was the night I tried to make Black Bean Chowder in my Le Creuset).

On Tuesday, I set out to make my first pizza. I decided to make a greek salad style pizza for the first go round, and this is what I did:

I broiled some grape tomatoes and garlic for a couple minutes, just to get them warmed up.
I chopped some spinach and kalamata olives.
I sliced some red onion.

To assemble, I formed my dough into a rectangle and spread it with some olive oil. I then put my sliced mozzarella and toppings on. I followed that with feta cheese, parmesan, and fresh cracked pepper.
I baked.

My pizza took about 10 more minutes than PW said it would, and I wasn't really satisfied with the crust's texture when I did take it out. It was really a good pizza, and I was mostly pleased, but I wasn't amazed like I thought I'd be.
(Please don't be grossed out by my cookie sheet. I have two, both from Crate & Barrel, both wedding gifts, and only this one looks like this. I stained it with something, and it won't come out.)

On Friday, I set out to make my second pizza with the dough (it makes enough for two crusts). This time, I decided to try my round cookie sheet with holes in the bottom-- I think it's really supposed to be a pizza sheet and I have no idea how it came into my life.

This one was perfect!

I used bacon, spinach and mushrooms, and this crust was round. Not perfectly round, because I'm not good at shapes, but roundish.
Again, it took closer to 20 minutes to finish, but it was so so so good.

I will be making this dough regularly, with a few tweaks to the recipe. I am not using my cookie sheet for it-- I'm thinking maybe it's too thick to work right?-- again. It'll be my round one all the way. The dough was also a little too bland. On the second pizza, I sprinkled some kosher salt on top of the olive oil base, which made it much tastier. I am going to add about 1/2 teaspoon salt to the recipe and see if that makes it more tasty. I may try mixing whole wheat flour in later on, but I really don't know what that would do.

Go make this dough tonight! You'll want to make it every week from now on.

I hope you like it. I made it.

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