Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day brunch

Edwin's parents came to visit us for the weekend (and I forgot to take a photo of them!). We had a great time, especially since all activities revolved around meals and/or carrot cake.

Sunday, I made a mother's day brunch in honor of Mary. I made this frittata with artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese, and wow. It was delicious. It was just as filling as a traditional breakfast casserole but tasted way fancier. We all loved it.

I halved the recipe and it was perfect for the four of us. I ran out of feta to sprinkle on top, so I used parmesan. Yum.To round out the brunch, we had berries tossed in agave nectar, my new bff sweetener, and toast from this bread. When I made the recipe last month, you'll remember it made two loaves. I froze one and pulled it from the freezer this weekend, and I'm glad to report that the bread thaws perfectly. It makes the best toast, and we had apple butter from Mercier's, homemade strawberry preserves, and honey for topping.

I even used our fancy china.All in all, it was a great weekend. Come back soon, Mary and Steve!I hope you like it. I made it.


  1. Yum. Can you get the agave nectar at any grocery store? What aisle is it in?

  2. If my grocery store has it, I'd say any grocery store will have it. It's next to the sugar in the baking aisle, near the sweet-n-lows. It's soooo yummy and we've been using it the way we use honey. Delish!