Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Does anyone know why my cakes fall in the center?

It can't be that my baking powder and baking soda aren't fresh-- they are and I keep them in airtight containers.

Here's what happens: I bake a cake (coffee cake, carrot cake, Italian Cream...). I use various pans and various recipes. They ALWAYS come out looking perfect and then fall in the middle as they cool. I cover it up with icing, so no one knows, but why does this happen?

Surely there's some chemical reason, and I want to know.

Thanks, preesh.

P.S. I may not have new posts for a few days. I'm going to Raleigh for my 5 year reunion (hollllaaaa) and will be busy 1) having a mini-Granseefest with Char, Ash, and Emmel (who didn't go to MC but is a bff); 2)seeing college friends; 3)watching my friend Amanda get ordained Sunday. Good times are ahead!


  1. Hey Sarah! So I've been stalking this via Google Buzz for a while now and haven't said hello yet. I was having this same problem of sad, shallow craters in my cakes. I did some recon, and from what I've read (and had respectable success with) over-beating can lead to too much air incorporated into the batter, which I guess can make it fall. I made homemade carrot cake for Easter and was super careful to slooooowly fold in all the ingredients until it was just mixed and it really seemed to help. One of three layers fell on me, but it was because I accidentally banged it down on the hotpad, but the other two were perfect. Don't know if you've already tried this, but if not it may be worth a shot! Anyway, hope you are well and I've enjoyed reading your cooking adventures!!

  2. Try this page - it has some good advice - It might be over rising and then collapsing, try adding slightly less baking soda/baking powder or slightly more liquid, that might help.

  3. Bobbie says it's your oven. It's not holding an even temp during baking which is causing your cakes to cook unevenly. She says you should cook with gas....