Saturday, May 1, 2010

you'll never guess

If you know me, you will never guess what I willingly prepared for lunch today.

I have a long-standing hatred of mayonnaise. It grosses me out, to the max. I hate mayo. I hate sandwiches with mayo. I hate salads made of mayo. I especially hate the combination of mayonnaise and hard boiled eggs, in any capacity. I hate looking at mayo for that long. It just disgusts me.

Except lately, it doesn't.

I know. I know. I don't even know who I am anymore.

Here's what happened. My favorite restaurant in Murphy, the Chop House, has a killer BLTA sandwich at lunch (bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado). One day I ordered it and forgot to say no mayo, so when it came, I decided to just try it. It was extra delicious with the mayonnaise.

Then a few weeks later I ordered a BLT from The Daily Grind in Andrews. It had mayo, too, and it really wasn't bad.

I make dressings and dips using mayonnaise, and those have never bothered me because they aren't straight up mayo, but with the sandwiches, I slowly learned to enjoy the white spread on its own (well not on its own, I'm not going to be like Su and eat it with a spoon).

Then at Lindsey's wedding, I ate some chicken salad at the brunch her parents gave. I really liked it.

So last night, I did something I thought I'd never ever EVER do: I made chicken salad with the intention of eating it myself.

I used Pioneer Woman's recipe for chicken salad, because it calls for the dressing to be made with half mayonnaise and half yogurt. I used plain greek, because I love it and always have it, and followed the rest of the recipe almost exactly. I made it last night and Edwin and I had it for lunch today.Okay, this chicken salad is amazing! I love the textures and flavors, and it was fantastic on a sandwich thin with arugula and honey mustard.

I'm not ready to say I like every chicken salad in the world, but I definitely love this one. And the one at Lindsey's brunch.

Just don't expect me to ever like deviled eggs. Vom.I hope you like it. I made it.

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