Saturday, June 5, 2010

frittata friday

I made this asparagus, spinach and feta cheese frittata for dinner Friday night. I was going to bake it the same way I did my last frittata, in a pyrex, because I wasn't sure if my skillets are oven safe. But then I figured I'd check online, which involved searching my registry at Crate and Barrel to figure out which skillets I own and then see if they are, in fact, oven safe.

And they are! Up to 500 degrees! All this time I've been avoiding meals with skillet to oven recipes because I wasn't sure.

So I set out to make it. I used twice the asparagus that's called for, mostly because my spears were weensy and partly because I love asparagus. I was afraid the whole thing would stick to my pan, so I dumped my sauteed veggies out and gave the pan a quick mist of cooking spray before returning the eggs and frittata filling. My frittata came out beautifully. It was thinner than I would have liked, probably because my small skillet is on the large side of small, but so delicious.I encountered two problems with this recipe:

1. Like a jalapeƱo snorting idiot, I grabbed the handle of the skillet after it had come out of the oven. Without an oven mitt. The handle was, you'll never guess, ridiculously hot. I screamed my signature profanity, ran my hand under cold water and grabbed an ice cube. No major burns on my palm, just some tightness in the skin. EDW tried to comfort me with, "Well at least your brain will never let you do that again." Somehow I'm not sure that will be the case.

2. Even with the extra spray of Pam, the frittata still stuck to the skillet. It was quite the clean up, and I'm thinking of investing in a small non-stick pan soon, because I want to make frittatas all the time now.This was delicious. Edwin and I agree that it was even better than the Mother's Day frittata because of all the veggies. It made a fantastic meal, and it actually tasted pretty fancy for eggs. This might just be my favorite way to eat eggs.I hope you like it. I made it.

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