Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'll always have a place at the Dairy Queen

***If you know what the title of this post is referring to, you're my new sous chef. (Hint: think Parker Posey in jean short overalls, fanning a grilled chicken wing).

Edwin and I have been planning an ice cream date all week. We went to the Sweet Tooth in Murphy, our pretend Dairy Queen. It's actually a little better than a DQ, if you ask me, because there is soft serve and ice cream and yogurt.

I had a banana soft serve dipped in chocolate peanut butter.EDW had a banana pudding avalanche, which is the same as a blizzard.Sorry about my freaky ET fingers. If you think those are weird, you should see my wingspan. Sorry, too, for the weird photos. It was dark and I was ready to eat so I was hustling Edwin with "Take it now! Mine's going to drip! Hurry! Hurry! No don't get my face in the picture! Just the food! Now do yours! Go! Go!"

As always, these frozen treats were divine. Come visit us in the Murph and we'll take you.

I hope you like it. I [haven't] made it.

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