Monday, June 28, 2010


Emmel says she's tired of reading about frittatas, so I figured I'd do a different egg dish for dinner Sunday night: migas!

Back when I lived in the triangle, there were endless possibilities of breakfast available to me in the form of hot bars. My favorite, still, is the Whole Foods at Ridgewood's hot bar, but coming in a close second is Weaver Street Market's morning hot bar. I love the Weaver Street bar because of their migas-- their produced in large quantities cheesy spicy crunchy delicious migas.

EDW requested breakfast for dinner, and I complied. With migas!

Ree's looked perfect, so I went with them. I halved the recipe and used tortilla chips, because I didn't feel like frying up my own. (Plus it looks like too much trouble to me.) I also didn't have any half-n-half, so I used regular milk.

Every bit of this process made me hungrier and hungrier. I love the smell of peppers and onion as they cook.
By the time I'd added the tomato and chips, EDW was hollering down about how something smelled really good.
Once the eggs went in, I was really feeling excited.
Oh, migas. YUMMMMIgas! These are flavorful and hearty and wonderful. I didn't seed my jalapeno and it wasn't too spicy at all-- I probably would up the jalapeno next time, actually, to give it more of a kick. I would also save some of the chips out to add at the very end, so there'd be mushy corn deliciousness and crispy chippy texture in the mix. What I love about migas is it looks like a hot mess, but it tastes like perfection.
All in all, this was a fantastic meal. I served it with a macerated berry salad (berries soaked in lemon juice and agave nectar-- I'm so fancy). I will make this again (but maybe not blog about it. Are y'all bored of me, my muffins or my eggs?).
I hope you like it. I made it.

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