Thursday, June 17, 2010

Welcome to my life.

Go read EDW's blog post today. It's a charming peek into our everyday lives here in the Murph. A few amendments:

Edwin does not sleep nekkid. He sleeps in boxers and a t-shirt, which is why I told him he needed to put on some clothes. I blushed a little when I was reading his account, because to me, it sounds like he was nekkid.

I also made a frantic stop/talk to the hand pumping movement as I yelled, "We're coming!" I still don't understand why they kept banging when they could see a disgruntled librarian rushing down the stairs and turning on lights. I was on my way.

I overheard the original interrogator say something like, "I saw him in town and said we'd be coming for him, and he told me, 'you'll never find me,' " while Edwin was getting our landlord's number.

Now if we could just get EDW to relate the bat saga for us...


  1. "You'll never find me?" No wonder we were treated as if hiding Osama bin Laden!

    And oh, I have the bat saga all typed up. Just say the word...

  2. I believe that the correct spelling is "nekkid," as in this quote by Lewis Grizzard:

    ""Naked" means you've got no clothes on. "Nekkid" means you've got no clothes on and you're up to something."

  3. Thanks-- I have fixed the error :)