Friday, July 30, 2010

cookie cookie cookie! (and beans)

EDW and I have a big weekend ahead of us. We're going to Asheville to look for places to live (hey, blog stalkers who aren't my friends on FB: the Arnaudins are MOVING to Asheville!!!), visiting with my in-laws, and celebrating my favorite nonogenarian. My granny turned 90 (yes, ninety) Thursday and we're having a big Mize celebration in her honor.

We're supposed to bring a side or a dessert, but I decided to bring both.

(Sidenote: I had a hard time deciding the order in which to introduce my two recipes. Beans would come first in a traditional multi-course dinner, but the cookies! Oh, the cookies!)

I made almond toffee chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Yes, that's the name. Best name ever, if you ask me, because when you tell someone the whole name they immediately want one of these cookies. I mean, how could you not? Almonds? Toffee? Chocolate Chips? Oatmeal? Yes, please!

I had some Heath baking bits, so I just used those instead of whole Heath bars. I used 3/4 cup. Maria warns us, and she's right: the batter is really thick. How could it not be when you're adding such riches to sugar, butter and flour? Don't you wish you could pretend this is a healthy trail mix? A breakfast granola? Feast your eyes:
And that's just the cookie toppings! There's dough, too!

Please ignore the sloppy parchment paper. I need to invest in silpats (or stop being too lazy to cut my parchment to fit).
I love these cookies. There's so much going on, and I love each and every bit of them. The almond extract and oats reminds me of my cousin Laura's oatmeal cookie hearts, which I have incorporated into my own fancy Valentine's tradition. The almonds add a nice crunch, and who doesn't love toffee? I almost wish I had used more Heath bits-- maybe next time?
I got 33 cookies out of this recipe. I know 33 is a totally random number, but I wasn't sure how many I was supposed to get from the dough so I just started hand-rolling.

I don't exactly have 33 to bring with me to Granny's party...

But I do have bean salad!

I know. I know. Bean salad sounds so unexciting after the cookies.

But I'm really pumped about it. I love chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (remember when I discovered them?) and I love beans. I made chipotle barbeque bean and corn salad.

Let me tell you: this almost didn't make it past Thursday night. There's the magic flavor of the chipotle peppers mingling with beans and cilantro and oregano and sweet summer corn, and it's hard to stop after just a taste. This is one of those dishes I could park myself in front of at a party and go to town (like the time I ate a whole wedge of Brie at Mr. Merrell's). It's not really spicy, just kicky. And satiating. And beany.
Maybe my family will pull a payback and refuse to eat my food the way I refused to eat their [delicious to me now] non-white foods when I was a child?
Send happy thoughts to Buncombe county this weekend-- EDW and I need a place to live stat. And make plans to come visit in Asheville. I'll make you cookies. And beans.

I hope you like it. I made it.

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  1. I would love to come visit and help you eat your yummy meals! Let us know when you get settled! I'm thinking Biltmore this fall/winter :)