Thursday, July 1, 2010

lettuce wraps

I made Martha's chicken stir-fry wraps Tuesday night. I have a few things to say about it.

The photes are terrible. Sorry. There also aren't a lot of them, as cooking stir-fry makes me tense, and who has enough arms to take the during shots when your kitchen is filling with smoke?

Cooking stir-fry is stressful. It all happens so fast, and if you're waiting on your birthday non-stick skillet set to arrive and still using a not non-stick skillet in recipes that specifically call for non-stick, it's extra challenging. My house filled with smoke, as it usually does when I make things without the requisite cookware, and I again wondered why the smoke alarm doesn't go off. At our old house, I set the alarm off every time I cooked on high heat, and I haven't heard as much as a beep here.

These don't taste like PF Chang's lettuce wraps, so don't think that's what you're getting. I figured it wasn't what we'd be having once I saw Martha's photos. I just wanted to warn you not to think Chang's when you read lettuce wraps.

Edwin and I shared a platter and ate (mostly) with our hands. We really experienced our food, just like Enrique Iglesias and Robin Scherbatsky from HIMYM. My lettuce wasn't big enough (the Wal-Mart didn't exactly have a bounty of bibb to choose from), but it all tasted good. EDW wondered, out loud and immediately, about the sauce, since it's so yummy. I think it's the fresh ginger that really sets it off, or it could be that my 3 cloves of garlic were massive. Also, the perspective of the above phote is wonky or something. The lettuce plate really wasn't that much bigger than the chicken plate.Phote courtesy of EDW. It was another "just the food! just the food! not my face!" moment.

We loved this. There was enough to have leftovers last night, too. I offered to make some rice to serve with the chicken, but Edwin really liked it with the lettuce, so it was lettuce wraps again.

I hope you like it. I made it.

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