Tuesday, August 17, 2010

revisiting the frittata

I hadn't made a frittata in a while, and it was high time to revisit my favorite way to eat eggs. I love a frittata because with it, the eggs are not the stars but the glue of the dish, and you get to focus on the filling. Egg texture is not my favorite, but anything tastes good with enough cheese and garlic in it. I made a tomato-herb frittata last night.

I didn't have flavored feta, so I upped the garlic to 2 cloves instead of one. I used a mixture of egg whites and whole eggs, and I definitely holla'd at the Ro-tel. Oh, Ro-tel, how I love you and your magical flavors.
This was almost completely delicious. Next time, I think I won't add salt (the 1/4 teaspoon isn't much, but the dish just didn't need it) and I think I would even reduce the amount of cheese. When I told that to Edwin, he was shocked-- never before have I said something needs less cheese, but the frittata really didn't need the 1/2 cup. It made it a little too salty and maybe a tad greasy. I will also add more spinach, because I love spinach and it's good for me.
We both liked this dish. Frittatas are so effortlessly fancy, and I love making them after a long day at work.
I hope you like it. I made it.

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