Thursday, September 9, 2010

apples and a tour

Here's our new kitchen.

When you walk in the door, the kitchen is to your left. We have a kitchen eating area and a dining area, and I have to say I like having a casual breakfast nook. Atticus is almost never on the kitchen floor, and yet here he is, looking rather large and in charge.
Here's our oven and stove. I like that it's not glass top, but a previous tenant burned something on the range. Any ideas on how to get this off? My landlord says it can't be done, but surely she's wrong. Products you recommend, blog friends?
White fridge. It does the job, but I miss my stainless side-by-side from the Murph.
We have this nice big opening into the rest of the condo. Our dining area is just on the other side, and then that's our living room you're seeing at the end.
Here's the kitch looking in from the dining area. Cozy, yes?
Overall, the kitchen really is working for me. There's enough counter space for me to spread out and I like that I have a (not featured) pantry.

I've been busy with apples this week, so I don't have a new recipe to report. I finally pulled out my birthday dehydrator. I made two batches of dried apples this week, along with an experimental dried banana. The banana didn't make it to storage-- can you say delicious?-- but we have a good stockpile of dried apples in the fridge right now. They are amazing and I can't stop grabbing a few every time I walk by (or near) the kitchen.
I hope you like it. I made it.


  1. My steam cleaner might do the trick on that cooktop scorch. It worked wonders on our gas cooktop.

    You can put dried apples in ziplock bags and put them in the pantry. That's my father-in-law presumptuous hint of the day.