Friday, October 1, 2010

dessert fail

We had friends over for dinner on Wednesday night. I made vegetable bolognese, and for dessert, I planned on sweet potato-pecan upside-down cake.

I made the cake earlier in the day. I prepared the bottom-that-becomes-the-topping of pecans, corn syrup, brown sugar and butter, and tried really hard not to eat all of the mixture on its own. Then I spread the sweet potatoey buttermilky goodness over it, and tried again not to stick my face in the mixing bowl to lick it clean. People. The batter was amazing. Think pumpkin spice latte meets yellow cake batter.
I cooked it 10 minutes longer than Southern Living said I should, because I'm pretty sure my pan is 8 inches and not 9 inches. It was still a little wobbly, but the toothpick came out clean, so I let it cool for 10 minutes before trying to invert it on my serving plate.
Have you ever tried to flip a cake that isn't done? This is what happens.
The middle was runny and it was all a big mess.

I did not freak out. I spent a good 15 minutes texting EDW, trying to decide if I should go out to the store to get more pecans and try again. I decided not to, and I drowned my sorrows in warm, fresh from the counter cake. Then I dumped the rest in the trash (you can't tell in the phote but it was seriously raw in the middle) and made a cup of tea.

Later in the afternoon I decided that I just couldn't serve our new friends ice cream for dessert, even if it was Edy's special edition pumpkin, so I whipped up vegan apple crisps, substituting 4 apples for all the fruit. I had extra filling, so I made a mini-loaf pan of baked apples sans topping for me and Edwin to enjoy later.
The crisps were good, but I have a feeling the cake would have been better. I'll try again another day.

And note to self: if you use an 8 inch pan instead of a 9 inch, it will probably need longer in the oven. Also, wobbly cakes aren't like eggs. They don't firm up as they cool.

I hope you like it. I made it [into a huge mess].

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