Friday, October 15, 2010

(girly) tagine

I made this lentil and vegetable tagine for dinner on Wednesday. I love Food and Whine, and not just because Megan uses a u in the word flavor. Megan's recipes are usually easy to make and almost always delicious, and this Moroccan stew looked like something we'd really enjoy.

I was right.

I like all the vegetables in the dish, and I especially like that they turn this funky red from the paprika. I didn't have a small orange or yellow pepper, so I just used one large green pepper. I also used regular spinach, not baby, because it's way cheaper at the grocery store, and chopped it a bit before throwing it in. I was worried about the raisins and I almost left them out, but they turned out to be a lovely addition.
I served the tagine over brown rice, and EDW and I gobbled it up. I wasn't worried when Megan said this recipe appeals more to women than men, because Edwin generally likes girly food. (Poor EDW. In the last week I've called him a wimp for not liking spicy food and now I'm insulting his manhood. It's just that he really likes cosmos, quiches, and berry desserts. He likes meat and potatoes too, I promise, and he's very tall and strapping.)
Can I just say how much I love lentils? They are definitely my favorite kind of bean, with chickpeas coming in at a close second. I'll make this dish again, no doubt.
I hope you like it. I made it.

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  1. That's awesome, I'm so glad you liked the recipe and my funny Canadian spelling, lol!