Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I made bacon and butternut skillet mac for dinner Monday night. I was so excited about it, because the recipe combined many of my favorite things: pasta, cheese, spinach, bacon and butternut squash.

I roasted my butternut squash and then pureed it earlier in the afternoon. Can I just say that if I could choose any color that doesn't look good on me and make it look wonderful on me, roasted butternut squash puree would be my pick? I love this color.
I browned my bacon and then heated up my butternut squash and milk mixture. The sauce was beautiful and thick.
I added the cheese and yogurt, and it got prettier and thicker. About this time I noticed a smell that to me just wasn't pleasant. I figured it would all still taste good so I continued. I added my pasta, spinach and reserved pasta water (just a little! nowhere near the 2 cups I'd reserved!) and sprinkled the top with bacon and green onions.
I stuck it under the broiler and set the table. As I put the salad out, I started to worry. It smelled decidedly not good to me. When Edwin walked in the door, though, he immediately exclaimed, "Something smells good!" and I thought maybe my nose was just being weird. Out it came, looking okay.
We sat down. EDW took a bite of his pasta. He smiled. I took a bite of my pasta. I frowned.
I hated this. I mean I really, really, really hated this. It tasted just awful to me. I tried a couple more bites, forcing them down while I watched Edwin enjoy his supper.

I couldn't do it. I made it 4 bites in and passed the rest to Edwin. Then I made myself some cereal and yogurt to go with my salad, and EDW ate both his and mine while we discussed the dish. Edwin said it tasted like a delicious smokehouse burger in a pasta form. I said it tasted like something you'd get at an elementary school cafeteria. EDW said the sauce was a little soupy to him. I said I didn't know why since it had been crazy thick when I started. He said he'd be happy to eat the rest of it for lunch this week. I said I'm sorry and that he really didn't have to.

Y'all. This is one of the worst things I have ever eaten-- not just ever made, but ever eaten.

What's wrong with me? If you think you have similar taste buds to EDW (read: you can't do spicy food and love mayo-heavy salads), go ahead and try this. If not, just have some honey bunches of oats and call it a day.

I hope you like it. I made it (and I will never make it again).

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  1. Edwin was still smiling while eating leftovers of this for lunch.