Friday, November 19, 2010


I've had this applesauce recipe bookmarked for a while now, but I needed to wait for my applesauce jar to become available. I usually buy the big plastic jar from the Wal-Mart, and I wanted to reuse the container. I finished up the commercial sauce this week and set to making my own on Thursday.

Since I buy apples by the peck at the farmer's market, I needed to weigh out 4 pounds. I don't have a food scale, so I took what I thought was 4 pounds of apples and a bag to the bathroom scale. I stepped on after a Mexican lunch (ouch) and then held the bag with apples until I was 4 pounds up. Done and done.

I used a combination of apples. I never buy red delicious or Rome apples, and I only cook with apples I like to eat, so this was a mixture of Mutsu, winesap, Arkansas Black, honeycrisp and granny smith.
Applesauce is amazingly simple to make, but I was really proud of my efforts. It cooks down in no time, and I didn't even need my blender to mash it up. If I were actually using this for baby food, I'd stick it in a blender for a smoother texture, but since it's for eating and baking, I left it as is. It's thick and chunky and the flavor is out of this world.
I got almost a whole jar of sauce, and while it's not cheaper than Wal-Mart's, it tastes sooooo much better. Make your own. It doesn't need sugar-- just a spoon.
I hope you like it. I made it.


  1. The real deal! Looks wonderful.

  2. One reason I love going home is that there is usually always home made apple sauce ! (Seriously I love my Mom & Dad to honest :-)

    Despite living in the middle of Bristol City we rarely buy apples for cooking because our neighbours apple tree conveniently hangs over out side of the garden wall :-)

    Last week I was down in a village called Bishop Sutton where many of the residences had buckets full of apples standing outside to be taken away for free. I took a half a dozen and as I was chopping them up I thought to taste one and it was delicious beyond belief, that's a great tip to only cook apples you eat though I do like the tart taste of a proper cooking apple once in a while.