Sunday, November 21, 2010

cranberry apple crisp and other things to try

Our friends Sally Ann and David had us to dinner on Friday, and I took this cranberry apple crisp for dessert. I was especially curious about the cornmeal topper, and I wanted to see how it'd taste in comparison to the traditional oat topping.
It's simple to throw together, and I liked that the crisp relies on the sweetness of the apples to balance out the tart cranberries. I added cinnamon to the topping, and I would have added a pinch of ginger to the filling if I hadn't been out of dried ginger (and if my "fresh" hadn't turned out to be molding in the fridge). I did add a pinch of cloves to the apples and berries. It baked up and made my kitchen smell magical, and I wanted to dive in then and there.
I'm glad I didn't, because our dinner at Sally Ann and David's was fantastic. Especially wonderful was this warm pineapple delight she made, which I know sounds crazy but tasted incredible. Sally Ann uses her mom's recipe, but here's one I found that comes close. Let's call it pineapple delight, though, instead of the taboo casserole. It's seriously amazing.

The crisp was good. I loved the filling, and while the cornmeal topping wasn't bad, Edwin and I definitely prefer the tradish oats. I'll make this again with oats, I think, because the orange zest and cranberries really jazz up the apples.
We left a good bit of it for Sally Ann and David, and when we got home we went ahead and finished off the crisp before bed. It seemed like the right thing to do, so I have no idea how it is the next day.

Saturday morning, while I was wishing I had leftover crisp to heat up for breakfast, two of my bffs Emmel and Ash were inhaling these Amish cinnamon rolls and watching the Raleigh Christmas parade. I requested a phote for the blog, and here's what I got:
I definitely want to try them, and soon. Maybe around Christmas? Or better yet, maybe for our anniversary? Surely EDW and I deserve a treat on the morning of our second wedding anniversary-- and then I only have to wait a couple weeks.

So. Make the crisp, but use oats. Make the pineapple dish, but don't call it a casserole. Make the cinnamon rolls, and invite me along. Thanks, preesh.

I hope you like it. I made (some of) it.

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