Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks, preesh!

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. I love it because there aren't really any rules or expectations-- all you have to do is sit down with people you love and eat a meal. The people and the food can change from year to year, but it's always about eating and loving. If you know me at all, you know that I love love, and even if you don't know me, I'm guessing you know how I feel about food.

In no particular order, here are 10 things I'm thankful for--- today and every day:

1. EDW

He's one of my favorite people. I like his face. I like that he makes me laugh. I like that he cleans up my kitchen disasters. I like that he doesn't take it personally that when I get really hungry I get more than a little hateful. I like that after almost 2 years of marriage, I still believe marrying him is the best thing I ever did.

2. My hissers

She's another favorite person. I like that we have the same face. I like that we have an obnoxious family call. I like that she sends me Peruvian delicacies. I like that she makes me laugh so much I snort, and that it happens a lot. I like that she tells me what I should read next. I like that she'll call me today and we'll gobble together.

3. My famils

I lucked out with a large, oddly hilarious and loving family. I like that my mommers made up a song about gathering together for turkey. I like that Eddie will choose a Christmas saying in the next couple weeks, and that he'll use it as often as possible. I like that my sister-in-law lets me call her Ellie and that she doesn't mind if I'm not that interested in dirt and bugs. I like that my in-laws invite me to dinner and ask me to bring A Christmas Story over to watch. I like that I have 5 grandparents (4 are shared by EDW), and a bazillion aunts, uncles and cousins. I like that family events almost always center on food.

4. A Granseefest

These girls are the best. I like that when we get together we eat a lot of peanut butter filled pretzels and drink a lot of wine. I like that Ash always looks so accessorized. I like that Charlotte always wants to listen to Christmas music. I like that Emmel always wants to have a dance party. I like that we always go to Whole Foods for breakfast and laugh until we cry.

5. Whooped Cream

I like that Susanna called it that as a tiny person and that we still say it's whooped today. I like it on my pie. I like it in my coffee. I like it in a serving spoon headed towards my mouth.

6. Sweet Friends

I like that I have so many. I like that they help me find my sparkle when it's missing. I like that they eat my food and say it's good. I like that they call me and answer when I call them. I like that they go see Harry Potter with me, and that some of them share my dirty crush on Alan Rickman (not as Snape, you perve! As Colonel Brandon! Or in Love, Actually!). I like that they want to watch Center Stage, Shag, Sound of Music or The Parent Trap, regardless of time or location. I like that they send me cards, and I like that they'll send me Happy Thanksgiving text messages today.

7. Starbucks

Nothing bad can ever happen at Starbucks (it's my family's Tiffany's, and I don't care if you think it's supporting the man). I like that when you register a Starbucks card you get prizes, like free soy milk and syrup upgrades and coupons.

8. Atticus

He's our sweet Mr. Wiggles. I like that he lets me smell his fur any time I want. I like that he acts like a dog. And let's be honest: I like his cat breath.

9. Asheville, NC

I like that we live here. I like that we can pick up WNCW on the radio in our home. I like that people want to visit us because we live in such a fun city. I like that there's a list as long as my arm of restaurants I want to try. I like that I can find almost any ingredient I need.

10. My bloggie

I like that I get to write whatever I want. I like that I get to say I hate casseroles even though I like things that are baked in casserole dishes. I like that you people read what I write. I like that this silly list gets put out there.

I hope you like it. I'm thankful.

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