Friday, November 5, 2010

winter squash bars

I like to have a fresh baked good to offer to overnight guests. It's an almost regular ammenity at Chez Arnaudin. Always included are a cozy double bedroom with a vhs viewing station and a semi private bathroom (shared with Atticus). Our friends Lindsey and Stephen are heading to Asheville tonight, so this morning I made winter squash bars.* You can use any winter squash you like, but I have a small stockpile of pumpkin so I went with that.

Plus Lindsey and Stephen love pumpkin. Lindsey came to my pumpkin party in graduate school, before EDW and I were dating and before I knew how to cook. There were 6 of us library girls and all pumpkin foods. I made pumpkin ravioli-- from Whole Foods, obvi-- (and tried to make a brown butter and sage sauce and set my smoke alarm off) and pumpkin dip (you know, pumpkin plus powdered sugar plus cream cheese plus spices as dip for ginger snaps), and the rest brought pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies and pumpkin beer and other pumpkin foods. Edwin heard about the party and was sad he couldn't be there. And maybe a little sad that that scary girl who talked too much but was kindof cute hadn't invited him. (That was me.)

So I made pumpkin bars this morning. The recipe says these are "moist and not too sweet," and it has half whole wheat flour, so I felt good about making a healthy dessert. I even got to use my cookie sheet with sides, also known as a jelly roll, for its intended baking purpose.
The bars smelled heavenly as they baked, and after they cooled I sampled.
They are definitely moist and absolutey not too sweet. I wouldn't really even call them a dessert, though that's their section in the cookbook-- maybe a snack cake? Snack bar? If you put buttercream frosting on, then they would be dessert. For now they are fair game for an afternoon snack or breakfast. I froze half because the recipe makes a ton, and we'll see how they thaw at a later date.
I hope you like it. I made it.

*Lind, Mary Beth and Cathleen Hockman-Wert. Simply in Season. "Winter Squash Bars." p. 219.

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