Wednesday, December 22, 2010

butternut squash, kale, and chickpea soup

Food Blogga referenced a soup she made a while back in one of her recent posts, and I knew I had to taste it. It's butternut squash, kale and chicpea soup, and I made it Sunday night.

I have very little to say about the soup, except:

I LOVE this soup. It's life changing. Seriously.

It has everything I love about my favorite recipes: it comes together in no time; it has few ingredients; it's healthy; and it's delicious. Absolutely delicious.
What's so revolutionary to me is that it doesn't have tomatoes. I like tomatoes. I like them in soups, but usually vegetable soups are only in my okay category, because of the tomatoes. I feel like classic vegetable soup is red and has mushy, unidentifiable veggies floating around.
This soup has a lovely golden broth (from the squash), and you really get to taste each vegetable. Because it cooks quickly, the veggies retain their crunch.
Make this soup. Make it often. You'll be glad.

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