Wednesday, December 22, 2010

have yourself a little fancy christmas: the barronesses

I told you Emmel and I planned our baking together. Saturday, she went over to Barbara's beautiful and fancy kitchen to make her holiday treats. She brought Grant, too, and I'm assuming the bassets, who must've been napping while the Barronesses baked.

On the menu?

chocolate peppermint crunch cookies

soft gingersnap cookies
shortbread cookies
mexican wedding cookies

gingerbread biscotti

Here's the photojournalism.
They even made their own almond flour! Look how pretty Barbara's fingers are. She always has such a nice mani.
There was an unfortunate incident with powdered sugar.
I wish Emmel had french braided her hair, but isn't she a vision?
Emmel said her favorites were the shortbread cookies dipped in white chocolate (I'm thinking I would prefer the dark chocolate dipped, since that's how I roll).

She also mentioned that some of her biscotti burned, and we decided it was because she put them in the top and bottom thirds of her oven instead of the middle. So when you make the biscotti, and I'm begging you to do so, put them in the center. Also with the biscotti: use heaping spoonfulls of all the spices. You'll be glad.

We're still talking about our baking, even though all our gifts have been given. Are Emmel's cookie tins not the cutest things you've ever seen? I'm totes jealous.

I hope her giftees give feedback on their favorites. I'm still getting good reviews from my baking last week, and the overwhelming stars of the show are cousin Laura's molasses crinkles. So make those. And Emmel's shortbread. And the Mexican wedding cookies.

And send us some.

I hope you like it. Emmel made it.

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