Sunday, December 19, 2010

honey, rosemary and balsamic pumpkin butter

My mother in law is hosting her office Christmas party on Monday. Everyone is bringing dishes to share, but I offered to send something along in case she wanted a hand. She accepted and I took over honey, rosemary and balsamic pumpkin butter.

I've been eyeing this recipe since someone posted it on google buzz, and I couldn't wait to make it Saturday morning. It couldn't be easier-- just dump all the ingredes in a pot, stir, heat, and cool. I halved the recipe and came out with plenty. I got whole wheat crackers and cream cheese for Mary to put out with the pumpkin butter at her party, but EDW and I sampled it yesterday with wasa and laughing cow cheese. (I also licked the pot clean, because that's how I roll)It is amazing. It's sweet and tangy and pumpkiny and very unexpected, and we love it. I'm kind of sad I halved the recipe now, because I'd really like to keep some. Maybe there will be leftovers when we head to Brevard to spend the Christmas weekend with Mary and Steve?

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