Sunday, December 5, 2010

lunch with the Barronesses

My friend Emmel is a Barron. I usually just call her lady relatives the Barron women, but EDW has recently started calling them the Barronesses. It totally suits them.
The Barronesses (Hi Trudy! Hi Barbara! Hi Nana!) came to Asheville for a mother-daughters bonding trip last week, and I invited them to a lovely ladies' luncheon. I made a mushroom herb strata with a pineapple, pink grapefruit and coconut salad (is this called ambrosia or is that something else?), and biscotti for dessert.

For the strata, I used whole wheat bread, a combination of eggwhites and whole eggs, skim milk instead of whole, and a mixture of cheddar cheese and fontina. It was delcious.
As is often my habit when entertaining guests, I nearly forgot to take photes. This is my plate when I was more than halfway finished-- it really looked beautiful on the china.
After lunch, we enjoyed biscotti and learned how to use the timer on my digi. I'm not exactly sure why Barbara and I thought we needed to kneel, but we did.
We missed Emmel (Barbara's her mother, for those who don't know) and Edwin (he was at work), but I had a marvelous time. I would definitely make the strata again. It reheated well, and who doesn't love an egg dish? You already know how I feel about the biscotti.

I hope you like it. I made it.

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  1. Ambrosia and Nectar get switched between meaning food or drink of the gods depending on which Greek author your reading and probably who did the translation.

    Here in the UK we have a brand called Ambrosia most famous for rice pudding which for me ranks with Porridge, Semolina, and on health grounds cheese list of inedibles.

    Look forward to trying making mushroom herb strata without the cheese :-)