Wednesday, December 8, 2010

pasta with butternut squash and blue cheese

You know how I like winter squash. I just can't resist them, and this BHG recipe for pappardelle with butternut squash and blue cheese sounded too good to be true.

The meal came together really easily. I sauteed my onion in some oil, then added sherry (instead of Marsala) and water, along with my squash. I let that simmer while I toasted my pine nuts and boiled the water for pasta. I had some whole wheat shells in the pantry, so I went with them even though they aren't what I'd call robust pasta.
When it came time to mix everything together, I got really excited. It all smelled fantastic, even though I used dried sage instead of fresh.
EDW and I loved this. The butternut plays so well with the tangy blue cheese and toasty pine nuts, and it all seems very fancy and unexpected. It makes a ridiculous amount-- 9 servings, for us-- and has reheated well for lunches so far. I don't really get sick of butternut squash, but if you're not such a fan of leftovers you may want to halve the recipe.

Side note: some of the reviewers of this recipe got confused with the Marsala ingredient. Apparently they thought it was a spice (masala itself just means mixture, but who am I to argue) and so one used garam masala and one used a combination of white pepper, thyme, and garlic. Both had good results. As I said, I used sherry and it was perfection.
I hope you like it. I made it.

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