Sunday, January 30, 2011

EDW's birthday cake

Happy birthday, EDW! Today marks sweet Edwin's 27th birthday, and we've been celebrating all weekend (more on that later).

We had Mary and Steve over for a birthday lunch today. Edwin requested, and was served, his favorite meal: crockpot barbeque, roasted butternut squash and black eyed pea salad, slaw, and collards.
For dessert, I made peanut butter banana cream pie. I made the graham cracker crust, and then poured melted chocolate over the base. I let that firm up and topped it with a layer of peanut butter. (I had every intention of making my own peanut butter, but I used my food processor for lima bean hummus recently and didn't feel like handwashing, so it was in the dishwasher. Thus I used storebought pb.) On top of the peanut butter layer went my homemade custard (hello cornstarch and egg yolks and milk: I like when you thicken like magic on the stove), and then freshly whooped cream and chocolate shavings.
We all loved this pie. It's like banana pudding in a pie, but fancier and with a peanut butter chocolate twist. I don't know what happened with my crust. I followed Joy's instructions but the whole thing crumbled. It was still tasty. This pie is a winner. If you have a banana pudding lover in your life and you want to show him how special he is to you, make this pie.

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