Monday, January 3, 2011

fortune and luck

We invited Mary and Steve over for New Year's dinner, and I made a semi-traditional meal. I served sauteed collards (no recipe! just olive oil, garlic, and collards until done!) and Skillet Hoppin' John.*

I don't have any process photes for the meal, because it all happened kind of quickly. For the hoppin' john, I sauteed chopped bacon (hey organic turkey bacon, you're fab) and then added onions, garlic, and red peppers. To that went rosemary and cooked brown rice, followed by cooked black-eyed peas. Easy, quick, and delicious!
Mary and Steve brought multigrain sourdough to round out our meal, and I served everything on our china. I love pulling out my china, and it seemed like a good day for it.
I thought the hoppin' john was incredible. I'm not sure I've ever had it, but I think the traditional kind has fewer veggies, white rice, and a ham hock. So thanks, Mark Bittman, for this fantasticly flavored stir fry.
Bittman, Mark. The Food Matters Cookbook. "Skillet Hoppin' John." p. 402.

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