Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sweet potato and quinoa salad

Last night I whipped up southwestern sweet potato and quinoa salad for dinner. I used a combination of white and red quinoa, because I had some white leftover but not enough for the whole recipe. It was pretty.

Instead of an avocado, I added black beans for additional protein, and mixed those with cooked cubed sweet potato, red pepper, cilantro, red onion, cayenne pepper, chipotle pepper flakes, lime juice and olive oil. I served it over a bed of spinach with some hot salsa on the side.
EDW and I happily gobbled up the salad. I really adore quinoa, and I like how quickly this meal came together. I'm looking forward to leftovers. Bittman, Mark. How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. "Southwestern Sweet Potato and Quinoa Salad." p. 84-85.

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