Monday, January 24, 2011

white velvet soup

I made white velvet soup yesterday. Cauliflower is a new-to-me vegetable (as in, I only recently realized I don't dislike it afterall. I try to retry foods I think I don't like every year or so to see if my tastes have changed. Sometimes they do-- hello eggplant love of my life-- and sometimes they don't-- hard boiled eggs are still gross to me), so I'm always excited to find new recipes with it.

I cooked my limas earlier in the afternoon and reserved their cooking liquid, so I didn't have to use vegetable broth at all. When it came time to make the soup, I roasted my garlic, onion, and cauliflower. Then I dumped it all in my soup pot, along with the limas and liquid, and pureed with my smart stick until smooth. Easy peasy.

EDW and I really enjoyed this. I'm always a little nervous when I present him with a smooth soup, but even Edwin could tell why this soup is better in a pureed form. It really is wonderfully velvety, and I love the flavors. I forgot to squeeze in my lemon last night-- I added some in to my leftovers at lunch today. Both ways are nice, so if you don't have a lemon, don't worry. It'll still be a delightfully warm soup. I definitely recommend the smoked paprika. It gives the whole thing a slightly smokey flavor that's absolutely delicious.

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