Sunday, January 9, 2011

whole wheat molasses perfection

This is possibly the best quick bread recipe ever. It's whole wheat molasses bread, and EDW and I are officially obsessed. I stumbled upon it Friday when I was at work, wondering if it would snow and already feeling cold. I vowed to make it this weekend, which was easy because I already had everything I needed. I threw it together Saturday morning.
I'm going to go ahead and recommend you purchase blackstrap molasses-- the extra dark kind. It's not as sweet as regular molasses, but I think it has a better flavor, and I use it anywhere regular molasses is called for. (I also put it in my oatmeal every morning.)
In the 45 minutes it took for the bread to bake, I finished all my cleaning (EDW and I each have chores we do). It made my house smell fantastic, as any baked bread with molasses would do, and it was hard to wait for it to cool.
Edwin and I each had a piece after lunch for "dessert" with apple butter. That was amazing, so we went back for seconds and had a slice with honey. Also fantastic, and maybe a bit better than the apple butter, because the flavor of the bread really came through with the honey. Today I'm planning on butter on one slice and laughing cow cheese on another.
People. Make this bread. Feel good about eating something so wholesome and nutritious (hello whole grains, we love you).

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