Thursday, February 24, 2011

banana ice cream

I've been thinking about this recipe since I stumbled upon a version on Tasty Kitchen 6 months ago. It's not even a recipe, but a method to creating a fantastic dessert. It's vegan banana ice cream.

Don't judge. Don't leave. Read on.

Sometimes I buy too many bananas. I get confused about how many we go through in 4 days (it's 8) and buy a lot. It happened last week. Emily and Nat also brought bananas with them because they had 3 that were going to go bad by the time they got back to Chapel Hill. Saturday morning found us with a lot of bananas that needed to be eaten pretty quickly. We all did our part at breakfast, and then I decided to take a risk and plan for dessert. You need to do this too.

1. Freeze some bananas:
Slice them into coins first. Very ripe, just about to go bad bananas are best.
2. Put the frozen bananas in the food processor and let it run.
It'll turn into crumbs first. Then you'll see a hard ball. Then you'll think that it'll never ever work. Let a minute or so go by, and the ball will start to spread out, and it'll turn creamy. It will look just like ice cream. Serve, or try some additions.
Since we're not vegan, I added peanut butter, graham crackers, and chocolate chips. I pulsed the ingredients in at the end.
It's not technically ice cream, because there's absolutely no cream or milk, but it tastes like banana ice cream. It's creamy. Cold. Bananay. Revolutionary. You could eat it any time of day and not feel bad, since it's just bananas.
I want to know what else I can do with bananas. Anyone have ideas? If you can make them into ice cream, surely you can make them into other things as well?

Make this. You'll be so glad, I promise.

If you're the one who makes it, you get to be the one to lick the bowl of the food processor at the end. Thanks, EDW, for snapping these photes. I'd like to say it's an uncommon occurrence, but I pretty much always lick bowls at the end of meals. I tried to get my face in the bowl, but it didn't work. Those photes aren't going public.


  1. You had me at bananas. I want this right now.

  2. This is really amazing! I encourage everyone to try this because it really does feel like you are eating ice cream.

  3. Oh that's too funny, great minds think alike! I love your idea of adding graham crackers, peanut butter and chocolate chips, I'm going to have to try that.