Sunday, February 6, 2011

chickpea curry with yogurt

Edwin says our kitchen almost always smells like curry, and I think he's sortof right. Last week I made chickpea curry with yogurt.

I made some changes to the spice mixture. I used 1.5 t ground cumin, .5 t ground coriander, .5 t ground cardamom, and I added several dashes of cayenne pepper. I sauteed my spices and onion, then added the ginger and garlic. To that I added water, chickpeas and chopped grape tomatoes instead of the plum tomato. I let it simmer, stirred in greek yogurt, and dinner was ready.
EDW and I liked this. It reminded me a lot of spicy garbanzo bean burritos, but I think I prefer those to this. It reheated well for leftovers, and our house continued smelling like curry for a few more days.

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