Saturday, February 12, 2011

pesto quiche

I love quiche, and I was excited to find this recipe for pesto quiche with oatmeal crust. Mostly I was pumped about the crust recipe, because it involves two of my favorite things: oats and my food processor. When I saved the recipe, I figured I'd just use it for the crust recipe and make my own filling. It just so happened on Tuesday that I had almost every ingredient Ashley calls for, so I went with it.

I made my crust in the food processor, but I needed to add an extra tablespoon of almond milk to get it to form a ball. (Sidenote: you could totally use regular milk, but I love almond milk in my morning oatmeal so I always have it on hand). I rolled out the crust and baked it for a bit. I decided not to sautee my vegetables. I know it brings out their flavors, but I wanted them to maintain a bit of bite after baking, so I just chopped them and added them straight in. I also used cheddar cheese instead of swiss.
We loved this. The veggies stayed slightly firm, which played well with the fluffy eggs and crispy crust. My favorite thing about the crust is how thin it is. You still get a nice bit of crust flavor, but the filling really gets to shine on its own. EDW commented that sometimes the pillsbury crust overpowers the quiche filling, so he loved it this way. I think I'll use this crust recipe for pot pies as well. It's a winner.

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