Tuesday, February 15, 2011

spicy fried rice with bean sprouts

Edwin and I went out for sushi for Valentine's Day, but I made a special dinner for us Sunday night. I made spicy fried rice with bean sprouts, chicken, and peanuts,* except I used tofu instead of chicken.

Stir-fries totally intimidate me, but I'm getting better with practice. I get that they're great because they're so fast, but they're also scary because they're so fast. You have to get everything absolutely ready before you even heat your pan or there's no way it'll be successful. I'm marking my improvement by the fact that I could take process photes this go round.

I started by cooking green onions, mung bean sprouts, and carrots in a little oil. I removed those to a bowl and cooked my tofu, which I had pressed for about an hour. After I removed that from the pan I quickly sauteed my garlic and added in cooked rice. Then I made a well and cracked in an egg. I scrambled the egg a bit, incorporated it into my rice, and added the veggies and tofu back to the pan. Then I stirred in some coconut milk and fish sauce. I took the pan off the heat, stirred in some jalapeños, basil, and chopped peanuts. I served the stir-fry with lime wedges, additional jalapeños, and sriracha sauce. It all took about 10 minutes.
Okay this stir-fry? It's amazing. It has the typical pad Thai ingredients (fish sauce, bean sprouts, and peanuts) without the associated greasy noodles. (EDW actually loves pad Thai, but I don't normally like it because of the slimy noodles). I definitely needed more jalapeños and sriracha, because it wasn't spicy enough for me. Edwin added some sriracha sauce, but he didn't want more peppers. So if you're afraid it might be too spicy as is, don't be.
This reheated well for Valentine's Day lunch, and I'll absolutely make it again.
Bittman, Mark. The Food Matters Cookbook. "Spicy Fried Rice with Bean Sprouts, Chicken, and Peanuts." p. 322-3.

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