Tuesday, March 8, 2011

falafel burgers

I first saw these falafel burgers on Savvy Eats. I thought they looked great then, but when Angela at Oh She Glows modified them a few days later, I knew I had to have them.

I made them on Sunday night. I briefly thought about halving the recipe, but thought better of it. Thank goodness I did. I wish I had a bigger food processor and had tripled this. I used Angela's recipe, but I only used 3/4 cup sunflower seeds and 3/4 cup whole wheat flour.

I processed my carrots, onion, and garlic, and then I added in the chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and spices. I stirred in the whole wheat flour and sunflower seeds and made my patties.
I got 12 good sized patties, but I bet the batter made more like 14. I may have eaten quite a bit of the mixture, raw, right out of the bowl. I just couldn't help myself-- it was like super chunky and crunchy hummus, and it was love at first bite.
After the first batch came out of the oven, I served the falafel burgers over a spinach salad. Edwin and I had seconds on the burgers, and then I had thirds while I was putting them away. These babies are addicting and so so good.
We had them cold as snacks at work yesterday, and they're great that way. We like them best cold and plain or hot with a little Maurice's on top. Yes, golden barbecue sauce. It's amazing. Please make these today. You'll love me forever.

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