Thursday, March 17, 2011

having a beer with EDW

I love a good tradition, so I asked Edwin to write another beer post for St. Patrick's Day. Bottom's up!

EDW here with another booze post.

Whether you're celebrating St. Patty's Day, the start of March Madness, or your sister's birthday, chances are you're going to be tipping a few back today. You can't go wrong with car bombs, but for something with a little longer glass life, I recommend heading to your favorite pub and ordering up a flight or two and sharing them with a special someone.

At the Thirsty Monk South, our real neighborhood bar and grill, sampling and comparing a variety of brews is their specialty. For a reasonable price, you get four 4-6oz pours of whatever's on tap. All high-alcohol "big" beers? Sure. A summertime wheat beer roundup? Why not?
Personally, I want to eventually try everything that comes through the place, and with a four-pack of these mini servings, brought to your table in cute little shot glasses on steroids, there's no better way to rule them all. Here's how (Sarah and) I rank 'em so far, from worst to first, separated by visit:

First Visit
11. Bell's Cherry Stout - Carbonated cough syrup. Bartender says it's his favorite; nice guy, but an ass clown on this one

10. Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter - Decent, but syrupy; glad when it was finished

9. Nantahala Bryson City Brown - Basically a watery Newcastle (not a compliment)

8. Wedge Community Porter - Weak; slightly watery nut brown ale

7. Foothills Seeing Double IPA - Smoother than the average IPA; a subdued bite

6. Wedge Iron Rail - Wedge's best offering so far

5. Rogue Yellow Snow - Good light flavor

4. Allagash Vrienden - Combination wheat beer and cider taste; too sugary for Sarah, but I like

3. Terrapin Moo Hoo - Milky dark goodness; a new and welcome experience

2. Catawba White Zombie - Delicious wheat beer; have since had a full pint and it was lovely

1. Pisgah Vortex II - Strong (11.2%!) and dark, but not overwhelming; similar to Highland's Black Mocha Stout, but better. So nice, we had to order it twice.

Second Visit
4. Wedge Russian Imperial Stout - Liquid Russell Stover's raspberry chocolate; somewhat cough-syrupy, but better than the Cherry Stout

3. Mother Earth Weeping Willow Wit - Smooth, juicy taste; like Five Alive, but boozy

2. Chatoe Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager - Nice ice coffee taste; dark and heavy, but not too strong

1. Highland Weizenbock - Mellow fruit taste cloaked in a full dark flavor; interesting overall taste experience
If I were to order a flight based on findings to date, I'd go with the Vortex, Weizenbock, White Zombie, and the Dirtoir. That'll give you a good idea of what the Thirsty Monk has to offer and provide a range of delicious tastes. Cheers!

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