Saturday, March 5, 2011

nutella cookies

When I saw these nutella cookies on the Tasty Kitchen blog the other day, I knew I had to make them. How could you not want to make cookies that only have 4 ingredients, especially when one of those ingredients is nutella? I whipped them up on Thursday, after my power yoga class and breakfast oatmeal.

I used my mixer to combine the dough, but it was really crumbly so I ended up kneading it together a bit. I got 30 cookies out of the dough, with a generous handful of leftover dough to eat out of the bowl. I really don't know what an inch sized ball looks like, so I was going for golf ball sized cookies. I used the back of my hand to smoosh the cookies and baked them for 8 minutes.
I know I'm always waxing poetic on how good baking muffins smell, but nothing can compare to how good these cookies made my house smell. Nutella, I love you.
I enjoyed a cookie for my breakfast dessert, and it was lovely-- very warm and slightly gooey. Here's what I wrote while they were cooling:

"These cookies are good, but I'm not giving them a favorite status. They were just a little too sweet for my taste. I think if they were made into peanut butter sandwiches, that might help. Or something salty to offset the sweetness? Ideas?

Edwin was a big fan, and said they weren't too sweet for him. Nothing is too sweet for him, though, so that might not be the most objective review."

Then when I finished my blogging and went to clean up the kitchen, I tried a cooled cookie. Like magic, the cookie was no longer too sweet! The hazelnut flavor really came through once the cookie was room temperature, and I loved it all the more. I no longer think they are too sweet.
I am definitely going to recommend making these cookies if you need a quick and easy dessert, because if you're like me, you'll always have all the ingredients in your kitchen. If you're not like me and you don't keep Nutella in the pantry, I'm not sure we can be friends.

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