Wednesday, April 6, 2011

cauliflower with ginger, onions and cashews

Here's another Splendid Table Weeknight Kitchen recipe that I can't link to: cauliflower with ginger-cashew-onion sauce. If you get the newsletter too and want to dig it out of your gmail archives like I did, it's from December 29, 2010.

I started by sauteing 3 onions (lots of onions-- consider yourself warned) and then adding cooked chickpeas (the recipe calls for canned but I almost always cook my own these days), ginger, garlic, cilantro, raisins, a jalapeƱo, and some rice vinegar. Next I scooted everything out of the way (hey really big straight sided calphalon skillet with cover from TJMaxx, I love you for your ample cook surface) and mixed tomato paste and chickpea cooking liquid (the recipe says use water, but I had the leftover bean broth to use so I went with it).

This mixture is what Lynne is calling the sauce. To me it seemed nothing like a sauce and I kept rereading the recipe to see if I was missing something. I wasn't. It's not sauce like alfredo or tomato. It's sauce like something spoonable.
I was supposed to steam my cauliflower, but I boiled it instead, since it wouldn't all fit in my steamer (I didn't let it go too long in the water-- I pulled them out when they were barely tender). I also threw in 8 ounces french green beans for good measure, because when are more green vegetables ever a bad idea? The recipe's instructions are to put the vegetables in a serving dish and spoon the sauce over them, with rice on the side. I decided to stir everything in together before serving, and I used cooked quinoa as my grain. I squeezed a bit of lime juice into the pan, and garnished each plate with chopped salted cashews and dried coconut.
I know the whole thing sounds a bit odd, but we really enjoyed it. We get really excited about raisins in a warm dish, and they were so pleasant with the onion and chickpeas. Every texture had its counterpart, and I loved that. EDW and I were happy to have seconds of this one, and it made great leftovers for lunch today. Email me if you want the recipe.

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