Saturday, April 16, 2011

miso-ginger wild rice

Another Whole Foods recipe without many photes. What can I say? These recipes are easy and require minimal prep, which I love. I made miso-ginger wild rice for dinner Wednesday night.

While my wild rice was cooking, I toasted the sesame seeds and cooked about 2 cups of edamame. The recipe looked delicious as it was, but I wanted to amp it up a bit with some protein to make it more of a main dish. I'm glad I did. I used brown rice miso instead of barley miso for the dressing, since it's what was in my fridge.

Once the rice was done, I tossed it with the miso dressing and vegetables. It couldn't have been easier, but the flavor combinations seemed fancy to me. This is the first of the Whole Foods recipes that I've actually thought could be on the beloved salad bar or behind the deli case. It tastes like it's 6.99 a pound for sure.
Edwin and I liked our rice a lot, but we agree that without the edamame it really can't stand on its own as a main dish. Add some chicken, tofu, or other protein if you try it for yourself.

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