Monday, April 25, 2011

spiced lamb and lentils

Whole Foods sent out an email a week or two ago highlighting spring recipes, and spiced lamb with lentils caught my eye. EDW holds a special place in his heart for lamb, which we always refer to as lambs, and I thought it'd be fun to make a middle-eastern inspired dish for Easter instead of the traditional ham. (Plus, I don't love ham, and I don't eat deviled eggs, so shying away from the tradish comfort food isn't an issue for me)

I started by sauteeing onion and garlic, and then I browned the ground lamb. To that I added cinnamon, dill, and oregano, followed by lentils and broth. I let the whole thing simmer for about 45 minutes, while my rice cooked. The topping came together quickly, since all I had to do was chop some grape tomatoes (on sale again, so I subbed for the roma) and slice a cucumber.
We had the spiced lamb with french green beans, for no other reason than I had some in the fridge waiting to be used. I blanched the green beans and then tossed them in a homemade dressing I've been making lately.
Edwin was mildly obsessed with this dish. He was absolutely delighted with the whole meal, and that made me quite happy. I thought the lamb was okay, but not anything super special. I'm not really sure when my tastes changed, but I just don't love red meat the way I used to. (Sidenote: I'm not going vegetarian, but I walk that line pretty often.) Edwin couldn't believe I wasn't raving about the lambs, but he was more than happy to sign up for leftover detail.

All in all, we had a great Easter weekend. I love to plan an extra special meal to eat in the mid-afternoon, and I'm a fan of pulling out the fine china. EDW thinks it's especially nice to have lambs.

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