Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CSA Wednesday!

One Saturday in February, Edwin and I filed our taxes online. Then we went out to lunch to celebrate, and stopped by the Fresh Quarter to pay for our CSA subscription. We researched a lot of farms when making our decision, and we ultimately decided on Fresh Quarter because their local shares program is made up of several farms. We figured it'd be better not to be reliant upon just one farm-- plus we like going to the Fresh Quarter for dark chocolate covered pineapple. We wrote our check and went our way.

3 months later, the CSA season has finally begun! Our pick up is on Tuesdays, so last week I drove downtown to get our box. EDW and I purchased a half share, which is recommended for families of 3-4 people (or 2 people who eat a lot of produce). For our program, that means we get a half bushel of local produce every week through Thanksgiving. Excitement abounds!

I'm not sure how long I'll keep up with this installment program, but for a while at least I'm going to document what we got and how we used it. I'll aim for Wednesdays and show you what we had the previous week.

Without further ado, here's the first CSA Wednesday!

Here's our product list for the week of May 16:

Curly Spinach (large bag)
Spring Onions (6)
Red Leaf Lettuce (large bag)
Beets (4)
French Beans (approximately 1 pound)
Strawberries (maybe 2 pints?)

(I need a food scale like woah.)

And here are the spoils:
We finished everything in our box without a problem. I made a lemon-tahini beet bowl,
stir-fried green beans and tofu,
lots of fresh salads,and a spelt berry salad for after my weekly mountain bike ride (in which I forded 3 rivers and made it across the bridge both ways!).
The green onions went into all the salads, and the spinach and lettuce were in the green salads. We gobbled the strawberries up by Saturday. Mostly we ate them in our morning oatmeal (me) and cereal (EDW), but I fully admit to popping a couple straight from the fridge every time I was in the kitchen. They were, quite possibly, the best strawberries I've ever eaten.

I still had to buy some produce to get us through the week, since we like variety and copious amounts of fiber in our diets, but I loved getting the box. Since we paid for it in February, it felt like free food. We'll see if the magic lasts through Thanksgiving.

Stay tuned to see how we do next week.

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