Thursday, May 5, 2011

spelt berry and bean salad

Something you might not know about me: historically, I'm a pansy.

Something else you might not know about me: recently, I've tried mountain biking.

Something you might not want to know about me: I have a bruise the size, shape and color of a plum on my left hip. It's changing colors each day, but remains mostly purple with hints of blue and red.

Monday night I went for another bike ride. I fell (4 times) and cried (just a little) and had an all around fantastic time. I knew I'd be starving when I got home, so I prepared dinner that afternoon.

Remember how I asked someone to make me one of each of Angela's high protein salads a couple weeks ago? Yeah. That didn't happen. So I made her favorite (or if we're going Canadian today, favourite) version for dinner Monday night: back on track wheat berry and bean salad.

I used spelt berries instead of wheat berries, because I still had them and I definitely still love them. While the grains cooked, I chopped all my veggies: 4 roma tomatoes, a cucumber, a yellow pepper, 5 green onions, and a whole lot of parsley. I also threw in about a cup of broccoli slaw, because I had some in my fridge and it makes me happy. Once the grains were cooled, I dumped those in the bowl with my cooked navy beans (had some in the freezer so all I had to do was thaw) and stopped taking process photes.
I chopped the garlic and stirred it into the dressing, then tossed the whole thing together and seasoned with salt.

All I had to do when I got home that night was wash the mud off myself and put the salad into big low bowls. It was lovely and convenient, and Edwin loved that there wasn't any clean up for him to do since I'd washed everything already that afternoon.
EDW and I really liked this salad. It has nice texture and flavor, but I do think I prefer the cilantro-lime-black-bean version. I really, really like spelt berries. (Almost as much as I like pretending to be a hard core mountain biker)

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