Friday, May 6, 2011

spring asparagus pasta

I made a spring asparagus pasta for dinner the other night, using Heidi's method for spring pasta.

Ever since I made leek pesto, I've been intrigued with using eggs in pasta dishes. They really do give an extra pop of flavor-- plus they're a cheap and easy way to increase protein and substance to vegetarian meals.

I sauteed a lot of asparagus in some olive oil, and then I stirred in 4 diced green onions. Next I added my cooked pasta (I used rotini because it's what I had on hand) along with some fresh basil and parsley, and got ready to add the eggs. I must have read Heidi's instructions several times before adding the eggs, but I'm still not sure I got it right.
My eggs scrambled almost immediately, and the pan looked a bit dry so I added a splash of cooking water from the noodles. I covered it while I tossed together an arugula salad, and then I called it done.
Were my eggs supposed to scramble or is there a way to make it more saucy and less clumpy? I imagine if I added the eggs to a not so hot pan they wouldn't scramble, but would the heat from the covered pan be enough to cook the eggs? Please advise.
Regardless of the egg texture, we liked this dish quite a bit. I only sauteed the asparagus until it was slightly tender, because I like my veggies to have a bit of bite to them, but EDW said he would have preferred it with softer asparagus. I'll probably try this again, if only for the fact that the method works with any vegetables you have in your pantry.

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