Monday, June 6, 2011

beans 'n greens burrito bowls

We had some lovely kale in our CSA box this week, so I used half of it to make rice bowls out of Mark Bittman's beans n' greens burritos.* I would have made the actual burritos, but I had plenty of brown rice and no tortillas, so I skipped a trip to the store in favor of using what I already had on hand.

I sauteed an onion, along with some minced garlic, until it was softened, and then I added in tablespoon of chili powder. Next I stirred in some kale and let it wilt down. When the kale was tender, I stirred in about 2 cups of cooked black beans, and dinner was ready.
I served the beans and greens over brown rice with pico de gallo on top. (I made the pico while the rice was cooking by combining tomatoes, a jalapeƱo, some red onion, and a bit of garlic with lime juice, salt and pepper)
We LOVED this meal. Edwin and I couldn't believe how good something so simple could taste, and we were really just over the moon excited about it. I now want to try the other variations Mark Bittman has listed at the end of the recipe, because I'm sure we'll love them. How could we not when beans and greens are two of our most favorite foods?

Bittman, Mark. The Food Matters Cookbook. "Beans 'n Greens Burritos." p. 509.

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  1. i love how simple this is! my college-gal self can totally make this :)