Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CSA Wednesday!

2 weeks into our CSA subscription, and we're still so very pleased.

For the week of May 23, we received:

Garlic Scapes (2 bunches; approximately 20 scapes)
Spring Onions (8)
Green Leaf Lettuce (2 heads)
Turnips (4)
Swiss Chard (a pound or two, maybe? it seemed like a lot)
Strawberries (2 pints? does that equal a quart?)
Napa Cabbage (2 heads)
In case you're curious, the garlic scapes are on the bottom left of the phote, hiding under the lettuce. They look like long curly chives.

We finished the last of the lettuce with our lunches on Tuesday, meaning that we ate all of our box before picking up the next one. Go Arnaudins, go!

We finished the strawberries over breakfasts, and I'm sad to say they weren't as good as last week's. They came from a different farm, and while they were perfectly satisfactory, they weren't life changing like the berries from the first week. The garlic scapes (substituted for garlic in many recipes) and green onions went into lots of meals.

We ate cumin scented turnips with chickpeas and swiss chard,
salmon with napa cabbage salads,
and pasta with garlic scape pesto.
While EDW was in Richmond watching cars go round and round the tracks, I polished off the cabbage and made a dent in the lettuce. (I also spent a good bit of my weekend becoming thoroughly obsessed with Downton Abbey-- seriously, everyone should watch. It's the best television that's ever happened to me. Yes. Even better than discovering Friday Night Lights.) When my in-laws asked about my weekend, I was happy to report that I ate a whole head of cabbage, watched 7 episodes of Downton Abbey, and had lunch with old/new friends.

I had the cabbage stirfried with the ingredes from spicy garbanzo bean burritos
and delightful salads.Something you should know about me and EDW: we love produce.

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