Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CSA Wednesday!

For the week of May 30, our CSA box included:

Red Leaf Lettuce (2 large heads)
Cherries (a quart?)
Daikon Radish (the size of an adult forearm)
Mint (lots and lots)
Green Onions (6)
Kale (a pound? 2?)
Radishes (7)
I especially liked this box for two reasons. In the first place, we got cherries, and EDW and I LOVE cherries. We gobbled those up within a couple days. Secondly, I was able to use many of the ingredients in many different meals, which was fun. We had:

a kale and daikon stir-fry, garnished with green onions,
quinoa tabbouleh with daikon, radishes, mint and green onions over a bed of red leaf lettuce,
beans 'n greens burrito bowls,
and mint and parsley pesto.
There were lots of lunch salads, as well, with lettuce, green onions, and daikon:
I polished off the last of the lettuce and green onions Tuesday before picking up the new box. The only thing leftover was a bit of daikon, but I used the last of it for a stir-fry Tuesday night, so we're still managing to eat everything and not waste anything.

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  1. You're doing a great job! I hate hate hate wasting things from my CSA, but sometimes it's hard to figure out delicious uses for everything!