Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CSA Wednesday!

For the week of June 20, we received:

Zucchini (2 large)
Green Cabbage (1 large head)
White Nectarines (6)
Cilantro (2 bunches)
Bok Choy (2 heads)
Tomatoes (6)
Turnips (7 small with greens)

For some reason, I felt a little overwhelmed with this box when I picked it up. It might have something to do with the fact that I'm still carrying things one-armed, and the cabbage made it heavy. Once I got started with my meals, though, I realized we had a totally reasonable (to us) amount of produce to get through.
We had roasted summer vegetables with pasta, using 1 zucchini, 1/4 of the cabbage, all of the turnips and turnip greens, and some garlic from a few weeks back,
and chipotle pintos with zucchini and cabbage, using the remaining zucchini and cabbage and 1 bunch of the cilantro.
I'm not sure why I was compelled to buy 2 pints of grape tomatoes on Monday when pick up day is Tuesday and I knew it was approaching tomato time, so I didn't use the CSA maters for either of these recipes.

I cooked up both heads of bok choy and 4 tomatoes in an adapted version of Holly's Asian Quinoa Remix, using brown rice instead of quinoa, 2 eggs (local! delicious!) instead of 4, and the addition of the remaining cilantro. It was pretty good, but EDW and I both preferred the simpler bok choy and edamame with udon noodles I made up last weekend.
We struggled to make the nectarines last 3 days. They were juicy, flavorful, and perfect. We had the last of the tomatoes in salads and on sandwiches, and while they were adequate, I wouldn't say they were anywhere near the best tomatoes I ever ate. We were finished with our box by Sunday.

I'm heading out of town for a girls' weekend with Emmel, so I'll need to do some quality planning to make sure next week's box gets finished.

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